Draco Electronics is committed to providing do-it-right-the-first-time turnkey solutions to our customers by applying our engineering expertise and continuously staying up to date with current technology. Our organization is the market leader in designing, developing and manufacturing wire harness products to OEM / ODM customers. Because we understand that engineering is a critical aspect, we have put together a team of highly competent electrical and mechanical professionals of solid background in the fields. Each component that goes into the assembly product is closely examined for its compatibility.

Design Support

One of the big advantages of our service is to help our customers design the cabling/wiring for their products.

  • CAD Drawings
  • Quick turn prototyping
  • Design validation
  • Component sourcing
  • Harness Design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Material advising

In-House Prototyping and Manufacturing

The ability to have in-house manufacturing allows us to be able to quickly turn back and forth between customers, prototypes, and designs, saving your time and money. Our average turning time is 3-5 days.